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3 Quick & Easy Ways to Get New Clients

3 Quick & Easy Ways to Get New Clients

Like most industries, sales leads and referrals are the lifeline to running a successful business. But truth be told, the struggle is real for wedding and event planners because marketing any event service is tough. The problem is, we as service-providers are rarely considered in the early planning stages. This means we are in large reacting to inquiries in progress versus being part of the discussion.

Your priority is to get your clients to take action and buy. But how do we do that?

Here are 3 strategies to position your services in the minds of potential clients at the very moment they discuss hosting an event.

1. Build Your Online Presence

The internet provides the largest free network for generating sales leads, so having an attractive website and active profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a great start. I have found that keeping profiles up to date, making regular (and relevant!) posts and engaging with your audience goes a long way.

Social media shouldn’t just be to advertise upcoming events, the aim is to make users want to check in regularly so that you’ll be top of mind when they need your event planning services. Share value added content with them, and they’ll feel involved rather than just advertised to.
Tip: Keep it simple. Focus on one social media platform at a time to attract clients.

Having a website and an active social media presence has the capability to drive unique prospects, but it definitely requires commitment. By participating in discussions, sharing your expertise, and joining groups on social media will give you a leg up on the competition.

2. Friends, Family & Existing Network

In my opinion, this is easiest place to start when looking for new clients and often the most overlooked. People already know, like and trust you – so why not leverage it!

Start by reaching out to people individually by email, phone or inperson, letting them know that you’re accepting clients and you are looking for some referrals of people that may need a planner.

Then post on your social media channels introducing your business to your close connections and ask for help in spreading the word.

A script I like to use is:

I’m currently accepting clients who are looking for an event /wedding planner to [YOUR COMPANY AREA OF EXPERTISE]! I specialize in helping my clients to [WHAT IS YOUR COMPANY KNOWN FOR]. (ie. create an event that exceeds their expectations; make their wedding dreams a reality.)
If you know anyone who is looking to hire a wedding/event planner, please tag them or send them to my site.
Thank you for your support!

3. Networking, Networking, Networking

As an eventpreneur, I’m sure you’re a natural born connector! As you grow your business, networking is a great way to build relationships. Building relationships with other event-related businesses (AV providers, designers, florists, printers…), you can turn them into trusted partners who’ll recommend your services to their clients. Just keep in mind that referrals work both ways, so focus on the connections you would be happy to recommend.

Industry events like ILEA, PCMA, MPI, SPiN and CanSPEP also offer great networking events. Connecting with other planners who understand what you’re going through brings meaningful conversations and opportunities.

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What are you Really Selling?

What are you really selling as an event planner?

Planning takes a lot of work, especially when you’re just getting started. One of the main reasons we started EventPreneur Club was to help event planners share ideas and work out the best ways to market their business, but one of the questions that kept coming up was: what are you really selling as an event planner?

The simple answer is yourself. You’re selling your expertise and knowledge on how to provide clients with the perfect event. You’re also selling your connections to different industries, all of which need to be brought together to make an event run smoothly. So as a lone entrepreneur, the most important thing you can do is effectively promote your event planning business.

Here are the top tips on how to do that.


Deciding on your event planning niche is the first step to take, as it will decide where you advertise, and to what market. This can be the hardest step of all, but the best thing you can do is work with your existing interests and skillset. This will allow you to narrow down your market, and give you a much better chance of success.


In the early stages of any business, getting your name out there is key. EventPreneur Club is a great place to start because it’s what we went into business for. It also helps to network on social media, so join groups related to your niche, or make connections in relevant industries that you can draw on at a later time. Facebook Groups like the EventPreneur Club, Event Hustlers, Event Planners Gather and #EventProfs Mastermind are great places to network. Once people begin to know your name and the services you offer, you have a much greater chance of referrals.


This goes without saying really, but a major step in being an EventPreneur is knowing the importance of advertising. This is why it’s necessary to establish your niche early on, as this will allow you to target potential clients much more effectively with meaningful advertisement. Advertising doesn’t have to just be sponsored ads on social media or in a local newspaper, it can be more savvy, such as networking with industry bloggers or making connections with an event venue or suppliers. If they keep you top of mind, the chances are they’ll refer your business.


In the early stages of any wedding or event planning business, this can be a great way to get clients. It can be as simple as posting a public Facebook status or tweet mentioning your services, or it can be more direct and in person. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you’re not being too pushy.

Selling your skills as a planner requires confidence and patience. Deciding on your business niche does wonders for future advertising, and makes it much easier to find clients.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to be persistent with your promotion, to ensure you stay top of mind.

How do you ensure you stay top of mind? Please share in the comments.

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7 Ways to Get Paid Faster as an EventPreneur

Getting paid as an EventPreneur can be difficult because you have to organize everything yourself. If you’re having to send out and process your own invoices, you probably find you have to wait a long time for the payments to come through. This can have a negative effect for your next events and business cash-flow, and so to help avoid this, here are 7 tips on how to get paid faster.

1. Make sure your contracts are crystal clear

Not only should you include a due date for payment, but it might be necessary to include some information on what the next steps would be if payment is late. This could be as simple as charging interest on late payments. Alternatively, set your payment date back a few days to ensure you get it sooner.

2. Use mobile payment methods

Using Paypal, or an invoicing app that allows electronic payments will certainly speed up things. Providing your customers with options for different payment methods gives them less incentive to hold off, and clicking a few buttons is much easier than writing a check.

3. Send invoices regularly

One of the easiest ways to get paid faster is to have a regular invoicing schedule. How frequent this is can be up to you, but obviously the faster you send invoices, the faster you’ll receive payments.

4. Request a deposit

It’s perfectly acceptable to request a deposit upfront, especially in our line of work. Customers will be fine to pay a deposit, and it means you can usually set shorter payment times because there’s less money to pay.

5. Make sure your invoices are detailed

It’s essential to give customers all the information they need on an invoice. Breaking down your services into clear sections helps avoid confusion, and means customers will be happier to make their event payments. It also helps to avoid delays due to communication.

6. Set up regular payments when possible

It won’t be applicable to every client, but as an event planner it’s possible that you will be doing work for the same people regularly. If this is the case, agree to set up regular automatic payments to save any delays.

7. Make sure you set reminders for invoices

It can be easy to lose track of when you sent invoices, particularly when you’re busy. Make sure you set reminders to chase up invoices and confirm they’ve been paid. Your accounting software has this ability to avoid manually sending reminders. If not, consider using an app like Wave for your company billing.

Receiving your client payments in a speedy manner is crucial for you keeping your business afloat, particularly if you need those funds for your next project or event. It’s important to remember that you’re in control of your business, and so it’s not unreasonable for you to set the terms around payment. The most important thing to remember on how to get paid faster is to do everything you can to develop a quick and easy process.

How do you make sure to get paid on time?