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27 Sep 2019

Day 27 Don’t Let all This Data Overwhelm You – Pick One Area of Improvement

You’ve learned a lot over the last couple weeks. There is so much you can track for your business that it can become overwhelming. Don’t allow that to happen. Choose what’s important to you and not all the “musts” out there. What is important for you to know and understand about your business that you can learn by tracking?


What is important for you to know and understand about your business that you can learn by tracking? #EventPreneur #KnowYourNumbers Click To Tweet


Right now, write down your top three goals for your business. Then tie to those top three goals the top three things you can track for them. Figure out how you will track, and then move forward with the first one. Put the others out of your mind right now and work on just the first thing which has three tracking points. Start with the first tracking point of the first item.

You probably know how to avoid overwhelm but let’s talk about that a little. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you learn about something that can almost ensure your business is a success if you just get the data and follow the numbers.

Block Things Together – Don’t try to do everything at once. Pick one thing and change that one thing. If you want to learn more about how to track general things with Google Analytics, install it on your site and then start looking at it on a regular basis. Build up to adding more functionality to it as you go.

Outsource – If you are already pretty successful in your business, you can hire people to help you with Google Analytics or placing ads on social media. If you do hire someone to help you with this, it is best that they have some form of certification or testimonials from several clients they’ve helped.

Let Go of Multitasking – This can often be one of the worst things that happens when someone learns about all this data tracking. They get so excited that they try to do it all at once, while also continuing what they normally do. Don’t do that. Pick one thing. Perfect that, then move on.


The best thing to do is start with the basics. For example, as mentioned, learning what you can see with Google Analytics. If you’ve only just installed it, check up on what you are seeing. If you still don’t have enough traffic to get good stats, then that is where your first efforts should go – so that’s an easy one. If you already have lots of good traffic but aren’t making conversions, that’s where you should start. Work on your landing pages and calls to action.


There’s a lot you can track and always a thousand things you could work on improving. Don’t get overwhelmed and not do anything. Instead, pick the area of improvement, or one metric, and work on that. Then move to the next. Rinse and repeat.

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