It doesn't take a lot of time to create a clear, simple business growth roadmap.  

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90Day EventPreneur Business
Growth Roadmap

Identify exactly what you need to do to grow your business to new heights.

Every event has a critical path,
but do you have one for your business?   

It doesn't take a lot of time to create a clear, simple business growth roadmap. 

In fact, since the business climate is always changing, it doesn't make sense to spend days creating a business plan that will be irrelevant in a few months time.  

Instead, schedule regular business reviews and evaluate where you are now and where you want to be.  

Then decide what you're going to do to get there.  

Join the 90Day EventPreneur Roadmap where you'll be able to create YOUR own business roadmap to expand your business to the level that you desire.

You'll take a fresh look at why you are in business and what your goals are for your business growth, to allow you to reconnect with what motivates you, get a snapshot of the true financial situation of your business, to understand the resources available to you, and even Identify your business opportunities to see where growth can come from, to allow you to tap into any hidden potential!

Heck, you will even take a look at your current marketing and its effectiveness, to know what to focus your efforts on!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect during this exclusive program:

  • Reconnect with what motivates you...
  • Having a group to be accountable to ...
  • Assess the places in your business where you aren’t performing strongly...
  • Reaffirm your ideal target market and specify your ideal customer profile, so that you know exactly who to market to...

        ... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this training series where you will put together a comprehensive Business Growth Roadmap for the next 12 months that will guide and support your success goals.

We've layed out a step-by-step process for you to follow. 

  Having a successful business isn’t only about getting more leads and selling more products or services. Those are important to ensure your business survives, but they won’t necessarily help you achieve all your business goals. To truly grow YOUR business, it's important to create a plan and stick to it.


Module 1 - january 4, 2021

Reconnect With Your Why 

 In this first module, you’ll reconnect with the vision you had for yourself and your business at the very beginning. Then you’ll refine that vision to ensure you have a clear, motivating picture of where and why you want to grow your business.

Module 2 - January 11, 2021

 Revisit Your Ideal Customer    

You've identified your ideal customer, but now that you want to grow your business it's important to identify if the customer you’ve been selling to is the same one you want to sell to in the future with your up scaled business.   

Module 3 - January 18, 2021

Clarify Your Current Profit Picture 

When you expand your business, it might involve financial investments. In this module you’ll bring together data from your existing offerings to clarify where you stand financially today. 


Module 4 - January 25, 2021

 Reveal Your Strength Assets    

We often focus on what’s wrong and what needs changing in our business. In this module, you’ll identify the factors you have going for you as a business and list the assets to take forward in your upscale. 

Module 5 - february 1, 2021

Identify Your Business Weaknesses  

 There are always elements of our businesses that we’re not great at or that we don’t pay enough attention to, especially when the business is young. In this module, you’ll identify the places in your business where you aren’t performing strongly but where, with some attention, could turn into strengths.

Module 6 - FEBRUARY 8, 2021

Uncover Your Hidden Opportunities    

 Though you may not see them right away, there are areas in your business that you can tap into for growth. In this module you’ll mine for the hidden gems which lie not too far beneath the surface and bring them to light to help grow your business. 

Module 7 - FEBRUARY 15, 2021

Tackle Threats to Your Business 

Every business encounters threats that come from the competitive landscape in which they operate. In this module, you’ll look at the aspects that can put your business in danger to ensure you are aware and take the appropriate steps to prevent threats from overtaking your business. 

Module 8 - FEBRUARY 22, 2021

Explore Your Marketing Potential 

Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. It might be paid, low-cost, or free, but it is required if you want to sell your products and services. In this module, you’ll evaluate your current marketing activities and reflect on what needs to change to reflect your growth. 

Module 9 - March 1, 2021

Assess Your Teams' Development  

The people who work with you are a crucial part of your success as a business. In this module, you’ll look at how your team is working and think about changes that may be required to meet the demands of your up-scaled business.  

Module 10 - MARCH 8, 2021

Reconsider Your Business Processes & Tools  

The processes and tools used in your business need to work for both you and your team, and are especially important if you employ remote workers. In this module, you’ll look at the business processes you have in place and the tools you use, and asses if they are the best ones to support your growth.  

Module 11 - MARCH 15, 2021

Create YOUR Business Roadmap  

In the previous modules, you reviewed the major parts of your business in detail. Now it’s time to bring everything together and create a plan to make the modifications you want; what to add, remove, or change and the strategies and tactics you want to introduce. In this module, you’ll create YOUR Business roadmap which will put you on track to expand your business to the level that you desire. 

Module 12 - MARCH 22, 2021

Review & Refine  

In this final module, you’ll complete your Business Roadmap with your metrics and set deadlines for progress. You’ll also have the opportunity to review the program and plan future action. 

RECAP & celebration - March 29, 2021

Together we will celebrate the accomplishments!

Here's What Others Are Saying About the Club

We work with driven event industry entrepreneurs just like you who want to BUILD a business versus WORK for themselves. 

Leanne Velky

Event Registration Specialist,

"Mahoganey and the EventPreneur Club were there for me when I was at one of my lowest points in my business. THANK YOU Mahoganey, for creating such a beautiful and supportive group of like-minded people for me."

Donna Antenucci

Hotel Site Selection, Venue Finding, Contract Negotiations, HELMSBRISCOE

"Thank you, thank you, appreciate everything you shared in today's session."

  You had a dream of building a profitable business,
now is the time...

And it all begins January 4, 2021! 

About Your Host

Mahoganey Jones

Founder, EventPreneur Club

When I opened my own event management company back in 2004, I didn’t know the difference between being a freelancer and running a business. It wasn’t until i realized that i only had enough work for me and couldn’t hire my niece that i realized I was building a solo empire. While I was able to support my family, I knew I wanted more.

After countless conversations with other entrepreneurs, I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone in the challenges to build a business. We are all great at what we do in our industry, but what about building a profitable business?

To support others on the same journey, the EventPreneur Club was born.

Follow our step by step Roadmap to grow your business!

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