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8 Sep 2019

Day 8 Set Aside Some Time Regularly to Look at Your Numbers


We are only as good as our habits. Habits can be formed for anything. Including productive and good things. Make it a habit of regularly checking in to look at your numbers. Setting aside the time on a set basis will create the habit and ensure that you get the work done.

Determine How Often You Need to Look at the Numbers

First, determine how often you need to look at the data. In some cases, weekly makes sense. In other cases, monthly. In our worlds, for individual events, you may want to simply look at the numbers before the event, during the event, after the event, and then a few weeks later to see how everything completed.

Set Aside a Specific Time and Day for Each Category

Once you determine which numbers you need to check and how often, schedule it into your calendar. Don’t leave it to chance. The calendar method for putting down everything is the best way to ensure that you do it. Once you ink it into your calendar, make sure you do it. Getting something over with early is better than putting it off until later.

For example, mark in your calendar to check your sales pages every Friday, while you’re going to check website hits monthly. Or you may choose to check them within two weeks of a new marketing campaign. Writing it all down will help you remember and make sure that it gets done.

Let’s talk about how to build habits for a moment. Habits are not bad things, even though the word gets treated as if it’s bad. Most people are familiar with bad habits, but a habit can be good too. If you build into your schedule checking the numbers, you’ll get accustomed to doing it just like you can get accustomed to running every day. But it’s going to be a lot more fun. Because by tracking the numbers, you’re going to find ways to improve your business that maybe would not have occurred to you before.

For example, you may think sales page A is awesome and it’s the one you prefer. But if you run a split test and find out that sales page B works better, it’s going to be surprising. Audiences sometimes behave in ways that we don’t expect because it goes outside of what we would do. But even if you’re part of your audience’s demographics, what you would do and what they would do is a lot different, and that’s why it needs to be tracked and recorded for interpretation.

When you base your decisions on facts, and numbers are facts, you’re going to make better choices. You’ll see some of the things you do can be ended, thus saving time for doing more of what is working. It’s a win-win for your business because fact-based decision making and planning is going to explode your business.

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