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29 Sep 2019

Day 29 Small Changes Quickly Multiply & Add Up

It doesn’t matter what it’s about in life, but small changes add up and multiply quickly, including when it comes to marketing and using data to help you make good marketing decisions. That’s why it’s important to focus on small changes more than trying to do everything at once.


That’s why it's important to focus on small changes more than trying to do everything at once. #EventPreneur #KnowYourNumbers Click To Tweet


You’ve learned a lot and it can be tempting to put it all in play. But that would be a mistake.

Each change that you make to improve based on the data will affect your bottom line in small ways. Which causes a snowball effect and can add up to really big money for you.


Let’s look at examples of small changes:

Improving Your Opt-in Rate – If you improve your opt-in rate, it’ll naturally improve your conversion rate and your revenues. This will build over time at an accelerated rate.

Increase Total Customer Value – By doing this, you will increase your income exponentially because the more you can sell to them, the more you will make. If you create a continuity program, you can even create a customer for life.

Tweak Your Sales Pages – Just one change (the right one) can make or break your sales pages. If you create a sales page that works like a charm with your audience, it’ll make it that much easier to create one again and again. You can only know that you should change due to the data. If you weren’t looking at the data, there is no reason to make a change.

Create More Content They Like – When you use the data to choose the type of content you’ll create that your audience likes (which is proven by the numbers), you’ll end up improving your website hits, email sign-ups, and conversions just by this one use of the data.

Streamline Your Check out Process – Using the data you can gather to make your check out process easier can make a huge difference in conversion rates. Whether that is buying a certain type of shopping cart system that you know your audience prefers, or just improving your load speed when you use the data you have – it will show.


As you can see, using the data available to you to help you make one small change at a time that will improve different aspects of your online marketing efforts – whether it’s fixing your opt-in form to work better, or to streamline your check out process – if you base it on the data that you can collect, you’ll make improvements that build on each other. If the page loads fast, the opt-in forms work, the shopping cart performs, and it all works on mobile like it should, then you’re going to build an amazing business by the numbers.

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