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10 Sep 2019

Time to Get Familiar with What Google Analytics Can Do for You

One of the most important tools you have at your fingertips for measuring, tracking, and reporting is Google Analytics. It’s imperative if you’re not going to hire someone to run it for you and generate the reports you want and need for you that you learn as much as you can about the power of Google Analytics.

Take a Course:

Google has their own course.

It’s comprehensive and good. You should check it out. (https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/)  It’s been mentioned before, but if you did not go look, it’s time to do that. You want to take some of the courses to familiarize yourself with all that Google has to offer. Don’t worry about retaining everything at once. Just go through a little each day so that you can learn. Revisit the course when you run into something you need a refresher on as you are using GA. They have everything from beginner GA to Advanced GA.

You can also take a course through a site like Udemy.com.

If you are the one doing the analytics work, don’t be afraid to take a course. They have certification courses too. Anything from beginners to advanced courses at a fair price is offered through this site. Choose a course that has a lot of reviews to ensure it’s a good one. But Udemy.com does have more criteria for their courses than some other sites.

If you would like a less formal approach to learning, YouTube is also a great spot for information.

Some things you may not realize that Google Analytics can do for you:

Integrate with Other Software – Google integrates with many other software options besides your website. It works with shopping carts, email programs, social sharing software, event software, and more.

Run A/B/C/D Tests – You know about A/B tests, but did you know that Google Analytics can run more than a two-prong test? You can create four slightly different landing pages and set up GA to send equal portions of traffic randomly to all of them.

Discover if Referral Traffic is Really Useful – Sadly there is such a thing as referral spam. But with GA, you can discover where your traffic is coming from directly. Then you might also discover that it’s spam. That type of traffic can overwhelm and knock out your website and it’s no good for you. You can then stop that spam referral traffic using Google Analytics too.

Get Many Useful Reports – You can get reports such as traffic by social channel – including overall social media traffic. You can see which pages Google sees as landing pages based on your visitors clicking through to them.

Multi-Channel Reports – A cool thing you can get a report about is a list of the percent of conversion each channel (organic, direct, social, referral, etc..) carries. This is helpful because if one has the most by far you can either work to improve the others or do more of the thing that is working.

There are also books and articles that you can read about using Google. Do an Amazon search and you’re sure to find may books. To find articles, look no further than the Google Analytics Blog, (https://analytics.googleblog.com/search/label/Analytics) or the Google Analytics help center. (https://support.google.com/analytics/?hl=en#topic=3544906).

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