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11 Sep 2019

Track Your Most Popular Pages for Instant Traffic & Sales Boosts

An effective way to get fast improvement in traffic and conversions is to study which pages are currently your most popular pages. After you find out which pages are the most popular, it’s important to look deeply into why.

  • Did you advertise and promote those pages a lot more than others?
  • Where is the referral traffic coming from for those popular pages?
  • Is there a theme surrounding which pages are most popular?

Once you have answers to your questions, you can know whether you should create more content like that. Do more promotions on your other content if you find that you did promote the popular content but did not promote the unpopular program. The analytics will lead you to the right thing to do.

What Content is Most Popular?

Look at the content that is on the pages that are more popular. What can you do to make the most of the pages’ popularity? You can try adding links to related content from the popular page, adding related opt-ins and content upgrades, and even an offer for a new product right on that page with the popular content.

Create a Roundup of Most Popular Content

Another thing you can do when you have a popular page is to create a new post featuring your top five posts of the quarter – or even year – depending on how much content you have. With Google Analytics you can change the time frame you’re searching for the most popular posts to fit what you want to feature. Then after the roundup, under that post, you can link to other posts that may be less popular but that are related to these.

Update Out of Date Content

When you have popular posts, realize that sometimes the content gets out of date even though people are still clicking it. You never want to change the URL of that popular page even if the content is out of date. Instead, update the information on that same page to let them know what has changed.

Which Content Outperformed the Rest?

Notice which content has outperformed all the rest. Is the topic amenable to creating more content about that topic? Brainstorm some more ideas for this topic to give your audience more of what they obviously want since it’s outperforming the other content on your site. Can you come at it from another angle? What can you add that will improve it?

When you track the pages that get the most traffic, add touch points within that content such as content upgrades, links to more articles about that topic, or related topic links, you’ll create a traffic boost. Adding money-making calls to action to the content will help to boost sales. This is where your visitors are going, so you may as well make the most of each of these pages.

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