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28 Sep 2019

Day 28 Tracking Data Can Help You Notice Problems Quickly

One of the most awesome aspects of tracking, even if you’re just tracking simple aspects such as email conversions, or website hits: If you’re tracking and you notice a dip in the data, you can then be activated to fix the problem.


One of the most awesome aspects of actively tracking your data is that you can then be activated to fix a problem quicker. #EventPreneur #KnowYourNumbers Click To Tweet


Some problems that might exist:

Broken Opt-in Page – This can show up as a dip in opt-ins. The thing about technology online is something can be broken for one person and not the next, but it’s still not working right. Whenever you suffer a decline in the number of opt-ins you normally get, always make sure your opt-in page is working.

Poorly Written Copy – Let’s say you use the data to notice a sales page is getting lots of hits, but no clicks. No one is answering the CTA. This is a sign of a poorly written sales page. Try tweaking it to make it better using tried and true copywriting techniques.

Broken Links – The website gremlins love to put this one on you unexpectedly, usually during a launch. Always check for broken links on a schedule and before any launch to avoid this problem, but if you notice people aren’t clicking through a really good offer, check for broken links.

Slow Loading Site – One of the worst culprits in issues with slowdowns of data is a slow loading site because people won’t wait. Check your speed on a regular basis but make that one of your first checks when you experience a dip in data.

Broken Forms – If you’re not getting as many sign-ups or downloads as usual for something that requires a form, go check the form. Test it to ensure that it works so that you can get back in the game.

Not Optimized for Mobile – One big error people make with websites, email, and online marketing today is everything isn’t optimized for mobile. Take a mobile-first strategy today so that everyone can use your pages, fill out your forms, download your freebies, and buy your products all on mobile.

Email Autoresponder Not Set Up Right – Sometimes the problem could be that your autoresponder is not set up properly so it’s not signing people up right – even when the form works. If you find out the form works, check the rest of the process.

Shopping Cart Not Working Correctly – Even the best software can stop working. Sometimes it’s the fault of the user; sometimes code just gets messed up. When your customers can’t buy, your sales numbers will go down. If you are having an unusual dry spell – check your cart.


Whenever you keep a habit in place of tracking your data, you will notice problems very quickly. Hopefully before too many customers leave your site and don’t come back. But, if you’re not paying attention it could be weeks before you notice a problem other than your income is much lower. This is a way to avoid that problem. Watch your data and stay ahead of any problems by being vigilant.

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