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12 Sep 2019

Traffic Data Can Drive Your Content Creation

When you use a data-driven marketing strategy, you’ll be sure that you’re creating the right content, for the right audience, at the right time, that really works to advance your business and keep your audience engaged. You can use the data to learn and understand more about your customers and the type of content they prefer.

Use the data to:

Understand Your Target Customer

You must understand who you’re targeting, even when you’re looking at the data. The data will show you what’s getting hits, what’s being read, what’s being acted on, but it can’t decide if this is the audience you’re trying to attract. If they’re buying, they may be, so you can look at those demographics for buyers, so that you get to know your customer better.

Understand How Your Customer Travels Through Your Funnels

Use the data you can see, including behavior data. When an average customer answers one of your calls to action, how long does it take them to move through your funnel and buy your signature product or service? What are the steps the average buyer takes toward their purchase?

Know Where Your Customer Likes to Get Their Information

Using the data, compare your blog to your email to your social media. It’s likely you have some customers who like each of them, but which one is most popular for distributing information to them? Where do they prefer to get their information? It doesn’t mean you stop using the other places, it just means that you must be sure to use the most popular more often.

Know When Your Customer Likes to Get Their information

The data can explain to you the information about when your customer gets their information. When are they most likely to open the email? When are they most likely to visit your site? The more you can learn about when they’re doing it, the better you can judge when you should be publishing the content.

Know How Long (on Average) it Takes Your Readers to Act

You have calls to action in your content whether it’s on email, your blog, or elsewhere. But how long does it take them to act on your CTAs? Your data will let you know if you have set goals and study it to find out the answers. Use this data to improve your funnels and get them to act faster.

As you gather the data to study, ask yourself what is working, why is it working, and what your readers are looking at and engaging with the most. Then you want to take that knowledge and brainstorm content that you can create that’s related to what they’re liking the most. You can expand on the content, narrow it down, put it into different formats, and create more content upgrades that make sense and get results.

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