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22 Sep 2019

Day 22 What to Track When it Comes to Your Clients

There is a lot of data you can track when it comes to your clients or customers.


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But here are some ideas to get you started and why you may want to track these things.

Remember that all of these things can be tracked using software of some kind.

Number of Customers – This is a simple number – it’s just a total of customers that you have during any given time period. To find this information, you should be able to look at your customer email list and see the total for any given time period. You want to know this because knowing how many active customers you have today versus six months from now is a good way to track growth.

Time to First Response – Once a potential customer enters your funnels, how long does it take them on average to make a purchase? This is great information because you can use it to project your income into the future.

Customer Retention – How many customers drop off and stop buying from you? You can organize your lists so that repeat buyers get segmented from first-time buyers. Then you can easily tell what percentage buys again versus those who don’t. This can help you develop a customer retention strategy.

Average Customer Value (ACV) – Once you have a customer, how much money, on average, do they spend with you? Knowing this number helps you determine how much you can spend to acquire your customers.

Cost of Acquisition – What do you currently spend on acquiring each customer? You may be surprised at how high (or low) the number is. You need to create a target number and to try to stick to that based on the ACV.

Customer Satisfaction – How satisfied are your customers? You need to set up a way of tracking that too. The best way is to use your autoresponder to send a one-word survey at the end of every transaction. Ask “Are you happy with the service you received?” Let them answer Yes or No. Keep track of this information. If anyone answers no, follow up.

Customer Ratings – Do you have a way set up for your customers to rate you at various times? Product ratings and service ratings are great ways to find out more information about your customers.

Number of Support Tickets Per User – One interesting thing to track is how many support tickets on average each of your customers has. Studying the nature of support tickets is a good way to improve your products and services.

Engagement – Tracking customer engagement is also an important thing to track because engagement always leads to more sales. When a customer feels as if they’re part of your inner circle, they will buy most of what you promote.


Tracking your customers behavior is an important way to improve your bottom line but also a great way to improve customer relations. You want to solve their problems, and you want to be sure that you did. Setting up a way to double check that you’re reaching your goals is only going to be a win-win for you both.

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