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5 Sep 2019

Day 5 What You Can Learn from Your Email Stats

Email stats are really important when it comes to collecting numbers for your business. Email is still the most effective form of marketing that exists. It’s highly effective, offering an average return of $38 to $1 among businesses. When you think about that, and you know your other numbers (such as the cost of sales), you will then know how much is safe to invest from a financial aspect.

Let’s look at a few important things you can learn when you know your email numbers. By the way, most of these numbers you can learn from your email software native stats. In some cases, you can also integrate with Google Analytics. It’s recommended to do both, but the truth is, start with what you have and work your way up from there so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

  • The Speed of Growth – How fast are your email lists growing? A steady build-up of your list with targeted audience members is essential to the continued growth and survival of your business. In fact, a healthy list that keeps growing is a sign of a healthy business.
  • Conversation Rates – When your list members click through to your calls to action, how often are they converting? There are likely standard conversion rates that you can look up about your industry to find out where you stand so you know if you need approval or not.
  • Types of Emails that Get Opened – Your audience is going to open certain types of emails more than others. But, is it a type of email or is it due to your better subject line? The more you can narrow down why an email is opened, the more you can make it happen by design.
  • Emails that Get Engagement – Which of your emails get a response either by return email, by getting them to come to your Facebook Pages or Groups to discuss a topic, or elicits a comment in some way? Engagement is an important aspect of all marketing today, including email marketing.
  • Opt-in Form Performance – How well is the opt-in you’re using for email list building working? Do people have issues with it and ask for troubleshooting, does it seem to work well? Well, you don’t have to guess. Look at the stats connected to that form and you’ll have your answers clear as the numbers.

How fast your list is growing, how well your opt-in forms work, how well your sales pages are converting, and the emails that get opened are all important aspects of knowing your email numbers. Knowing, rather than guessing, the type of emails your audience prefers is a great way to ensure that you can repeat your successes and avoid your failures.

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