EventPreneur Club Weekly Video Series

episode 6

Creative Commerce:
The Art of Profitable Event Production

Our host Austin Johnston of AKJOHNSTON Group is talking to experts on how to run and scale your business.

What is your biggest challenge in your business right now?

VIDEO #8: June 23: 

Personal Brand & Business with Marina Byezhanova of Pronexia.

Video #9: June 30

What it Means to be an Agency with Tony Scurry of 7Pointe.

Video #10: july 7

Embracing the Scale  with Allie Magyar of Hubb.me.

VIDEO #4: May 19: 

Growing Your Business Opportunities with Austin Johnston of AKJOHNSTON Group  

Video #5: may 26

Strategic Partnerships & Collaborations with Dahlia El Gazzar of Dahlia+ Agency.

Video #6: june 9

Beyond the Platform with Mahoganey Jones of Event Specialists.

VIDEO #7: June 16: 

Pricing Models with Mahoganey Jones of Event Specialists.

series Intro

Introduction to Creative Commerce: The Art of Profitable Event Production

Video #1: April 28

Going All In On Your Own with Kimberly Montoya of Twenty156.

Video #2: may 5

Finance, Compliance & Legal with Kristin Prosser of 
The Accounting Collective.

VIDEO #3: May 12

Entrepreneurship: Thinking About Starting, Owning or Growing Your Firm with Austin Johnston of AKJOHNSTON Group  

Introducing Creative Commerce: The Art of Profitable Event Production

Guest interviews curated to provide you with the content you need to build, market and grow a profitable business.

About The Series

Our host and EventPreneur Expert Austin is ready to share what is working for building and scaling a profitable business. 

Through guest expert interviews and live Q&As, we're ready to collaborate with event industry entrepreneurs just like you who want to BUILD a business versus WORK for themselves.

What topics are we covering:

Starting your business.
Understanding business finances.
How to scale your business.
Revenue generation strategies for growth.

About Austin Johnston

Mission driven, vision focused, values centered at 32 years old.

Austin Johnston has emerged as a leading consultant for business advisory, intervention, expansion and day-to-day operations in the areas of marketing, consumer experience, investment and growth for Companies and individuals both established and start-up. 

Austin remains in the industry today creating brand-centric experiential activations internationally with a team of 45 full-time Producers and support staff within the Los Angeles area from AKJOHNSTON's 40,000 square foot Studio.

What is your biggest challenge in your business?

Share your comment below and tell us what you are struggling with...

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