Together we accomplish more. The Club is designed to foster open communication and collaboration opportunities to help us to build bigger and more profitable businesses. 


In-person and online. As an event industry professionals, it is time to come together to challenge ourselves to become better leaders in our businesses and in the industry.


Business training, masterminds & resources. Curated educational opportunities designed to work with you to build, market and grow a profitable business on your OWN terms. 

[FREE MASTERCLASS] Scaling Up with Shawn Johal

Scale the Business. Enjoy the Climb. Don’t miss the next Masterclass happening January 17, 2020 @ 10AM EST.

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Scaling Up Program

6-Month Interactive Group Coaching Program Open for Registration!
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Scale the Business. Enjoy the Climb.

Are you ready to scale your business in 2020? Join the EventPreneur’s scaling up club to increase your productivity & profitability and love your business again!

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Shawn Johal

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