avoid the event-focused trap

When you fall into this trap, you spend all of your time and energy managing client events, you avoid watching your numbers trying to keep your clients happy, you spend non-billable hours on your client projects without taking care of yourself and ultimately, you put a cap on the potential that you and your business have.

What can we help you with today?

6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business Growth

[FREE GUIDE] It’s not just about doing things right, but in the right order too. Businesses don’t grow randomly. Organize and strategize, and your growth will be more successful.


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Proven, practical strategies and advice to 5x your business without having to sacrifice your health, time and profitability.

A Note from Our Founder

When I opened my own event management company back in 2004, I didn’t know the difference between being a freelancer and running a business. It wasn’t until i realized that i only had enough work for me and couldn’t hire my niece that i realized I was building a solo empire. While I was able to support my family, I knew I wanted more.

After countless conversations with other entrepreneurs, I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone in the challenges to build a business. We are all great at what we do in our industry, but what about building a profitable business?

To support others on the same journey, the EventPreneur Club was born. 

I hope you will join me on my goal of helping EventPreneurs to 5x their profitability while working less and taking the time to focus on themselves.

Mahoganey and the EventPreneur Club were there for me when i was at one of my lowest points in my business. After my call with Mahoganey I received so many other messages of support and encouragement from from the other members reminding me that I CAN do this. thank you Mahoganey, for creating such a beautiful and supportive group of like-minded people for me.

Leanne, Event Strategist

Lots of good content, I took lots of notes and now have to go through them all. Great mix of speakers.

Candice, Event Producer

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