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Join a group of like-minded EventPreneurs who are ready to challenge and be challenged to grow ourselves as CEOs and our industry.

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Designed for the EventPreneur

Strategy sessions are designed to meet you exactly where you are. We look at your goals and objectives for the next 90 days and drill down on the top focus for the calls.


Business training and summits

As an event professional you have already mastered juggling task lists, suppliers, sponsors and all of your clients’ details – but have you mastered running your business?


What does your business stand for? Join us to learn how to build a solid foundation for success.


Who is your ideal client? Does that matter? Join us to learn marketing strategies and techniques to move your business forward.

Grow Your Business

Do you have an operations manual for your business? When should you hire? Get ready to learn how to automate and scale your business with confidence.

October Focus

is on GROWING Your Business & Getting Clients

Each month we focus on building, marketing and growing our event related business. Through masterclasses, Lives and Challenges prepare to start working ON your business and not just IN your business.

Our Latest

We help forward-thinking event industry entrepreneurs succeed by sharing challenges and planners to guide your next steps.

Happy Club Members

“Mahoganey and The EventPreneur Club were there for me when I was at one of my lowest points in my business. I was feeling that overwhelming sense of failure and desperation that the business I’d worked 3 years to build was crumbling down and I was going to have to get a job working for someone else. While I was in the shower one day, crying hysterically, I had a message come to me that the people who would understand most how I felt were those in the EventPreneur Club. “

Leanne Velky

“Being a part of the Club has given me a community of EventPreneurs who understand me. I’m not alone and it is great to have others who are going through the same things.”

Meagan Rockett

Greenfield Services Inc.

“Thank you to the Club for giving me a sounding board. Everyone is willing to share their experiences and support without judgement.”

Sue Mercer

Step In Marketing Solutions

Our Skills

Our members represent different areas of the event industry. While the majority own their own event management and/or event marketing companies, we welcome all industry entrepreneurs.

  • Full Time Event Business Owners 80% 80%
  • Audio Visual Company Owners 30% 30%
  • Event Venue Owners 25% 25%
  • Event Marketing Business Owners 65% 65%
Our Blog

Traffic Data Can Drive Your Content Creation

When you use a data-driven marketing strategy, you’ll be sure that you’re creating the right content, for the right audience, at the right time, that really works to advance your business and keep your audience engaged. You can use the data to learn and understand...

Track Your Most Popular Pages for Instant Traffic & Sales Boosts

An effective way to get fast improvement in traffic and conversions is to study which pages are currently your most popular pages. After you find out which pages are the most popular, it’s important to look deeply into why. Did you advertise and promote those pages a...

Time to Get Familiar with What Google Analytics Can Do for You

One of the most important tools you have at your fingertips for measuring, tracking, and reporting is Google Analytics. It’s imperative if you’re not going to hire someone to run it for you and generate the reports you want and need for you that you learn as much as...


Mahoganey Jones

Mahoganey Jones


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Join a group of like-minded EventPreneurs who are ready to challenge and be challenged to grow ourselves as CEOs and our industry.

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