Why EventPreneurs Focus on One Goal at a Time?

As most EventPreneurs do, you probably take on too many goals at one time. From business goals to client event goals – when you have too many goals, it will weigh you down, making it harder to see any one of those goals EFFICIENTLY through to the end. How do you balance the expectations? The best way is to narrow down your goals to just one and give it all of your focus and motivation. See it through before you start on the next.

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Prioritize Your Goals

A common objection is, “But my business has multiple goals. I can’t just focus on one.”

Focusing on one goal doesn’t mean giving up the rest. For planners, we absolutely can’t give up on the amount of business and event goals we have. What it means is focusing on one for the time being, and putting the others on the backburner for now. “For now” could be just this week or the next few months. The important thing is that you’re focusing.

Prioritize your goals by importance. Take a look at everything you’re working on now. I don’t mean client projects, what marketing projects are your working on. (Hint: That blog post may not be the most pressing task.) Which of these projects or campaigns will have the most positive impact on your business when it’s completed? This is the one to focus on. Remember to also keep in mind your resources. You may have an important goal but lack the resources right now to carry it out.

Working Towards Your Goal is a Learning Experience

When you focus fully on one goal, you will inevitably learn valuable lessons from it. This is especially important for small business owners or solo entrepreneurs with little experience marketing a business. As you work towards your goal by trying various marketing strategies, you’ll learn along the way which work and which don’t, and how to carry them out effectively. You can use this knowledge for future goals.

For example, you may decide to write guest blog posts in order to drive traffic to your site and spread awareness about your event business. Once you get started, you realize that you could write an email template for sending inquiries. The template explains who you are, why you’re an expert, and how your content could enrich the person’s blog. This saves a considerable amount of time allowing you to send out more inquiries, which leads to more blog posts.

This is the sort of thing you may not have learned if you were bogged down with several goals or strategies at once.

One Goal and One Marketing Strategy

If you want to really focus and get results, try focusing not only on one goal but on one marketing strategy as well. As the guest blogging example above illustrates, choosing just one strategy allows you to learn, streamline, and hone your skills. You can then add this strategy to your arsenal of techniques that you’ve used before.

Many event professionals still sing the praises of multitasking, but any time management expert will tell you that, more often than not, it kills productivity and leads to burnout. Instead, the key to success is to narrow down and focus, and then move on to the next.

What marketing strategy are you focused on right now?

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